Wednesday, 13 January 2016

INDIA VISA application for a UK PASSPORT holder visiting AUSTRALIA updated 2016

We have just had to repeat the process of buying a visa for India whilst in Australia and a few things have changed since we last did it and I blogged in 2011

All applications are processed by VFS Global 

On the website


Click on the type of visa you require for more info to decide which variant you may want.  We found out that anything less than a 1 year multi entry is still the base price so you might as well go for that as a minimum which was a whopping $303.70 (yes that is the absolute minimum assuming you pay cash, take the forms to the office and collect it from there) 

You can get the correct 2" x 2" photos on line for just the cost of a regular photograph (65c) and this gives you 4 pics.  Free passport photos


Print the
Tourist Visa Checklist
Form D
Others that apply to you
PLUS You must take a copy of any appointment that you make
and a copy of your entry to Australia visa grant

Now's proceed and submit your on line visa application.

Some questions may appear a little difficult to answer - 

We were on a cruse so for our reference in India put the cruise company and ship name and for phone number 000000.  
For a reference in Australia we used a friend.

When they ask for countries visited in the last 10 years and places previously visited in India there are a number of characters.  We would have been way over on both counts so for countries I picked some that had visas stamped in our passports and for places in India I just listed the major cities.  For the address of a place stayed in India we just put down one at random that we had the full address for.

You can save the form on line as you go through but when you go back one or two sections need completing again.  Once you have completed this and gone to the print mode you cannot go back to edit and must start again if anything changes.


Click on how to apply and this will show you the different offices in each state.  NOTE THAT YOU MUST APPLY FOR AND EITHER COLLECT OR HAVE THE VISA DELIVERED WITHIN THE SAME STATE.  So you cannot apply in Melbourne, travel on the Brisbane and have it posted to an address in Queensland.

We felt it best to front up in person in case we had got anything wrong and it turned out we had forgotten form D.

We went to the Melbourne office on Swanson street just a block up from Flinders Street Station.
Arrived before our appointment time and tapped in to the ticket machine to say we had an appointment.  We were seen a good half an hour ahead of time by a very helpful assistant who processed both applications at once.  She was not officious at all and helped by printing our missing Form D and allowed us to fill it in whilst she was dealing with paperwork.

Initially she quoted a slightly higher price that included $2 for an SMS to say the visa was ready but as you get a tracking number and can follow it on line this may not be necessary.

It says they take 10 working days so do allow plenty of time.

At the Melbourne visa office there were passport machines and people to take your pics all at $15, photo copy machines at 50c a copy and lots of computers for you to use to access info.

Other than the application seeming daunting and the massive fee (it has just gone up to £100 in UK) the process is very smooth and efficient.

P.S. Inspite of not asking for SMS updates we did get them and were also able to track online.  Passports were back at the Melbourne office in 7 working days.  In spite of being told you could only collect between noon and 3pm we were able to collect earlier.  Funnily enough they asked for ID before releasing them to us and when I suggested they check our passport photos they laughed and said they couldn't do that as they were in sealed envelopes.  


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