Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Cheap mobile phone usage when abroad

If you are touring abroad and need mobile phone contact it can be a real pain changing cards in each country.

Check out Toggle Mobile for a new system enabling you to receive calls for free and make calls from for example Spain to UK land line or mobile for only 3p a minute. SMS are 7p and data 15p per mb.

Similar favourable rates apply almost everywhere and there is a simple call rate chart giving you full information for calls between any of the countries covered.

Start off by ordering your SIM for £25 including that amount of credit and build from there.

To get the best value you need to register for a local number in each "Toggle" country that you visit free if you only want the number to last for 1 month (then you can get another for the next month free) of £5 to retain that number for 1 year.

 For even better value you can register numbers for any toggle country so friends from that country can call you cheaply or even free if they have a plan.  EG If you are travelling in Spain and have friends in Australia and USA then register for a Spanish, Australian and USA number.  All incoming calls are free.