Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Cheap mobile phone usage when abroad

If you are touring abroad and need mobile phone contact it can be a real pain changing cards in each country.

Check out Toggle Mobile for a new system enabling you to receive calls for free and make calls from for example Spain to UK land line or mobile for only 3p a minute. SMS are 7p and data 15p per mb.

Similar favourable rates apply almost everywhere and there is a simple call rate chart giving you full information for calls between any of the countries covered.

Start off by ordering your SIM for £25 including that amount of credit and build from there.

To get the best value you need to register for a local number in each "Toggle" country that you visit free if you only want the number to last for 1 month (then you can get another for the next month free) of £5 to retain that number for 1 year.

 For even better value you can register numbers for any toggle country so friends from that country can call you cheaply or even free if they have a plan.  EG If you are travelling in Spain and have friends in Australia and USA then register for a Spanish, Australian and USA number.  All incoming calls are free.  

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

MOTORHOME journey from Dunkirk to Malaga mainly using Aires

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We use a number of resources to find places to stay in the motorhome.  I do a bit of research on line before we leave but once on the road prefer not to have to rely on the Internet. 
We carry 2 books –
ALL THE AIRES BOOKS for the relevant country have great info but certainly not “All” of them. CAMPERSTOP EUROPE BOOK is great if you only want one book as it covers all Europe. 
CAMPER CONTACT  is a great app for your phone and for £4.99 you can download maps and use it off line.  Unlike a book it is constantly being updated with people leaving reviews and new ones are often added.

Co-ordinates are in different forms depending where I got the info and the * replaces degrees.  Most Satnav will accept the different formats.

Our destination was Malaga in Spain so I initially keyed this into Satnav to find the quickest and also the most direct routes then jotted down the major towns suggested.  This formed the basis for our journey from which we detoured to points of interest or Aires’ that looked particularly nice.
We always aim to arrive at our destination by lunch time and achieved this throughout the trip and on some days drove for less than 30 minutes!

If you don’t want to drive far on the first day then Watten is close to both Dover and Dunkirk and has a very pleasant waterfront Aire.  The town has an ATM, Netto supermarket for cheap groceries and Carrefour for fuel.  There are only 6 official spaces but late comers parked by the waterfront.  It is free and you just have to buy a token in town if you want to use the services.  Although near the railway we were not bothered by the noise but did have a rude awakening