Saturday, 30 January 2016

AUSTRALIA Great phone rates on ALDI MOBILE

I doubt you could better the pay as you go SIM from ALDI which backs on to the great coverage of Telstra network.

For $5 you get a SIM with $5 credit which lasts 365 days. You can use this in conjunction with their packages.  .

Call rates are very reasonable on the pay as you go package . Within Australia 12c a min and SMS 12c.  International calls can be even cheaper e.g 10c a minute to UK landlines and mobiles.

30 day  value packs with calls SMS and data cost between $15 and $45.

The data packs are $15 and $30 over 30 days or 6GB over 90 days for $50.

NOTE you cannot combine a data pack with a value pack.

ALDI to ALDI calls are all free.

Read on for full prices...

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

INDIA VISA application for a UK PASSPORT holder visiting AUSTRALIA updated 2016

We have just had to repeat the process of buying a visa for India whilst in Australia and a few things have changed since we last did it and I blogged in 2011

All applications are processed by VFS Global 

On the website


Click on the type of visa you require for more info to decide which variant you may want.  We found out that anything less than a 1 year multi entry is still the base price so you might as well go for that as a minimum which was a whopping $303.70 (yes that is the absolute minimum assuming you pay cash, take the forms to the office and collect it from there) 

You can get the correct 2" x 2" photos on line for just the cost of a regular photograph (65c) and this gives you 4 pics.  Free passport photos


Print the
Tourist Visa Checklist
Form D
Others that apply to you
PLUS You must take a copy of any appointment that you make
and a copy of your entry to Australia visa grant

Now's proceed and submit your on line visa application.