Tuesday, 30 December 2014

GREAT CAR HIRE COMPARISON SITE and warning about a hidden extraS in Spain

If you want to do a really good car hire search and also car hire excess insurance then Money Maxim works brilliantly.

Key in the pick up and drop off details and then opt whether to have the results Emailed to you or just see them on screen.

The results are shown based on the most basic car with prices increasing from the left to right.
Click on any of the other car types for results relating to them.
Below is the offer of car hire excess insurance to go with it (it is worth checking out the annual policy if you are likely to hire more than once or for a long duration.)
Other filters are available so you can custom the results even further.

Once you decide which deal suits best click on the car and you will be directed to another website to book.  This leads you to a different search site from which you complete the deal.  This is unlikely to be the actual rental company which will be allocated at a later stage of the booking process.  This is the time to read their small print re fuel policy etc.

WARNING The latest fuel policy on ALL car hire in Spain is that you pick up the car and pay for a tank full of fuel.  You have the option of returning it with fuel at any level and they will refund what is left to the nearest 1/8 tank (in their favour of course).  If you want to return it full be sure to top it up at the nearest fuel station to the airport and hand in the receipt.

So what's the catch?  An administration fee of Euro24 and upwards depending on the car type and company.  This fee is to cover admin and refueling ready for the next client but still has to be paid even if you return the car full.  The only advantage in returning the car full is that you will get a full refund of the price they charged you initially which is probably higher than the price of the fuel you put in yourself.

Having previously felt the pay for a full tank and return empty policy was a con this one is even worse as you would then have been likely to return the car with less than Euro 22 worth of fuel in.     

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