Tuesday, 19 August 2014

TRAVELOCITY TRAUMA and wealth warning.

An American friend recently came to visit us.  He booked his KLM flight from Amsterdam to Norwich using an app on his i-phone for Travelocity.

Arriving at the airport for his 9.15 am flight he was stunned to find out that he was in fact booked on the 9.15 evening flight.  After huge discussions with KLM they would only let him board the morning flight by paying an additional Euro 200 as he had supposedly booked a cheap ticket. (When you read on you will see that all tickets were offered at the same price although the one booked was listed as the cheapest).

On arrival we checked things out on line to figure out how the mistake had been made and you may find this hard to believe.

Whilst the www.travelocity.co.uk site shows flights in the 24 hour system the travelocity.com site and iphone app shows flights on the 12 hour system.  Worse still the website doesn't even do that properly and just shows a or p after the flight time.

The confusion was worse as the flights were listed in almost random order.

First flight listed was the evening one and was shown as the cheapest when in fact it was exactly the same price as the next 2 flights.

The next flight listed, the afternoon one, said fastest but was the same duration as the other two.

Finally the 3rd flight list (the same price and duration as the other 2) was the morning flight.

Where is the logic in that ????

Moral of the story, take extra care when using Travelocity especially on a phone as it is difficult to see things clearly.  

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Kevin Read said...

I like the nice big screen of my laptop! But yes...very confusing and they could have easily made it more straightforward. Good thing there are a lot of options besides travelocity!