Saturday, 23 August 2014

MOBILE PHONE CHARGERS are not all equal

I've just bought a new mobile phone (more about that later) and reading the instructions found out that they insist you use their charger and USB connector otherwise you could invalidate the guarantee.

I decided to do a bit of research into this in case it was just a ploy to market their own brand cheaper accessories and low and behold there is some truth in it.

I found an excellent article all about why not all phone accessories are interchangeable and now understand that whilst some are others are not due mainly to the amount of output amperage each phone requires.  Already I have discovered that my old HTC phone is different from my new Samsung one therefore I shouldn't use the same charger or USB cable for both.

Using the wrong cable could not only cause your phone to overheat and be damaged but may also undercharge the battery making the battery usage shorter.

Whilst I don't pretend to fully understand it all I did feel it worth sharing this info in view of the number of travellers who borrow chargers and also the incidence of people needing to charge phones at airports etc.

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