Monday, 28 July 2014


You may have heard that London public transport has now gone cashless.

Any contact less card can be used but if you buy an Oyster Card you also get discounted fares.

All the info is on the website but remember that you have paid a deposit on your card so if you are not returning in the near future you may want to get a refund on your balance and the card before leaving.

Swipe the card each time you start and finish a journey.  You will either do this at a barrier or find a machine nearby.  You must do this even if the barrier is open as you are automatically charged the maximum day rate if you miss any swiping.

TAKE CARE Even doing everything correctly the system sometimes fails.  Travelling as a couple we noticed our card balances were different and found out one card had double swiped on exit.  After taking the matter up with Transport For London we eventually got a refund and in fact found out that both cards had been overcharged on another journey.  Best thing is to keep an eye on the balance that is displayed on the machines.

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