Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Lost ? Think outside the square

If you are ever completely lost in a town/city and in your own vehicle here are a couple of suggestions to get you to your destination.

1 - Find a taxi and try asking the driver for directions.
If the destination is far away or complicated you next ask him how much the taxi fare would be.  
Assuming the fare sounds reasonable you then explain you would like to follow in your vehicle and will pay him the regular taxi fare once you both arrive.  By doing this you ensure that he doesn't drive too fast or lose you on the way.

2 - In some ways I like this one even better as you get a feed out of it.
Find a fast food place that offers a delivery service as they obviously know the area.
First try asking them for directions.
Again if it is complicated or far you could ask them that if you order some food could you follow the delivery vehicle to your destination.


June Allen said...

My husband has been using the tactic of asking a taxi driver for years. Nine out of ten times you get really good directions.

Steve & Glen Swatman said...

Good to know it has worked for you June.