Saturday, 3 May 2014

MOTORHOME NUMBER 10 - Harry, A 30' "C" Class in USA

Our trip was to visit USA and neighbouring countries in 2007.  We'd heard that rental companies sometimes sell vans and found great deals with Cruise America.  As many contents are included it is a great way to start.  I also researched other companies and found Moturis who didn't market vans or normally sell to the public but were happy to sell us one as seen.

We chose a 29' Four Winds model J29 2 years old at $24200 (£12200) with 58000 miles on the clock.

 It had a superb layout of rear bedroom with walk around queen sized bed plus wardrobes and drawers either side, cupboards above and tons of storage under the bed.  In front of this was a shower cubicle on one side and toilet opposite with doors that could make this a completely private room.  Ahead of this was a huge fridge freezer opposite the kitchen.  The social area consisted of a dinette (that would make a small double bed) and a sofa bed (also a pull out
double bed) opposite.  With a huge over cab bed as well we could easily sleep 4 adults and 4 children or 6 adults (or in fact 8 adults if they liked to be cosy).

Fuel consumption was quite poor on this petrol vehicle and even travelling no faster than 50 mph we still only got 10 miles per US gallon.  Having said that the price per mile was still a cheap as Europe as petrol prices were low.

We shopped around and got a new awning that was a second and and 2 solar panels (total cost of $850, £425 fitted) and a few extra contents to make it better for full time living and free camping.

Travelling in America, Canada and Mexico we had few problems with the size of the vehicle and even the topes (speed bumps) in America didn't seem to cause any damage whereas other friends often had screws and subsequently appliances falling out.

Overall this would be our joint favourite motorhome along Billy in Australia. Quite strange that these were our largest and smallest as well.

Almost 2 years later we advertised it for sale and actually sold it to friends of friends who were coming out from England to begin a tour.  The exchange rate had dropped from around $2 = £1 to $1.50 = £1 so selling it for $13000 actually returned us £17000 , a £4000 profit.  We were very happy with this as we had clocked up about 25,000 miles.  I think the bottom line is that if you shop around carefully when buying and vehicle and look after it (and refurbish where needed) then it is possible not to lose money and in fact on occasions to make money.

Interesting how long Harry looks in this picture, parked beside "A" class motorhomes he looked like a baby. !

Motorhome 9 - Milly in South Africa
Motorhome 11 - Eddie in Europe

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