Saturday, 1 March 2014

MOTORHOME NO 7 - A 5th wheel and trailer in USA

OK so not really a motorhome but we got this one on a 3 month motorhome exchange.

We'd always felt motorhomes were the best thing for us so this gave us a chance to try an alternative without commitment.

The 5th wheel was 22' long, layout was a sofa bed at the back, ahead of that a dinette with kitchen opposite. Next came the wardrobes and bathroom opposite them then up a couple of steps the bedroom.  The nice thing wtth 5th wheels is that you get much more headroom in the bedroom than you would with overcab motorhome bed.

Whilst the total length is much greater than a motorhome it is shorter than a vehicle towing a caravan and much more stable and easier to manoeuvre.  However you do need to have a pretty heavy duty truck up to the job.

We only unhitched a couple of times in the whole trip, once to go into a National Park where motorhomes were allowed to drive up but 5th wheels had to be dropped off.  The second time was when visiting a relative.  Maybe a little of this is down to the fact that we are travellers on a constant
adventure rather than people who stay in one place for extended periods of time.  Unhitching was relatively easy, hitching a little more difficult but still not as easy as just jumping into the driving seat of a motorhome.

For us there wasn't a lot to like about this set up.  However if you like to go on campsites and then head off and explore the local area this would work well for you.  Given that we free camp / boon dock as much as possible then this wouldn't work as often these places would not be safe to leave a trailer and go off in the truck.

Travelling along you have no access to the 5th wheel part so can only carry the number of passengers that will fit in the truck.  Equally you cannot nip to the loo or grab a drink.  If you do need to back up it is not as easy as reversing a motorhome.

Now I know this article doesn't do 5th wheelers any favours but this is only our personal opinion.  For us as travellers the motorhome wins hand downs but for other full time travellers this could still be a consideration.  

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