Thursday, 13 February 2014

Pay as you go mobile phone deal in UK with FREE SIM

Want a great deal on pay as you go mobile, read on.

Moving to a new area we needed to switch mobile phone companies in order to get a better signal.

First I checked to find out the best coverage 

This revealed that O2 would work best for us.  I like to stay on pay as you go or pay monthly leaving me free to cancel quickly.  I like at least 100 minutes for chatting, lots of texts and up to 500mb data and also don't want to spend more than £10 a month.

Not happy with O2's offer (pay as you go £10 with 75 minutes, 500 text and 250mb data and pay monthly at £11 with 50 minutes, unlimited text and 100mb data) I checked other companies such as Tesco and giffgaff who also use the O2 network.

The clear winner was giffgaff which is all pay as you go and offers a free SIM.

Their £10 goodybag gives you 250 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB data and free calls to other giffgaff users.  Way more of everything than any competitor and better than many longer term contract deals.

The £5 goody bag includes 60 minutes of calls plus extras, 20mb data, 300 texts and free calls to giffgaff users.  For anyone visiting England for a short period this may be a great option.

At the other end of the scale £20 goody bag comes with 2000 minutes, unlimited web, unlimited text and free giffgaff calls.

Every month you can change to a different goody bag or even pay as you go where the prices are very competitive.

Better still you can make FREE calls to 0800 0808 and 0500 number which is unusual from any mobile. (However the time used still comes out of your minutes allocation).

Now it doesn't end there.  If you recommend someone giffgaff gives both you and the person recommended £5.

SO PLEASE IF YOU WANT TO JOIN GIFF GAFF AND GET A FREE SIM USE THIS LINK AND WE WILL BOTH BE REWARDED or if you opt to join through the main giffgaff website then put down "glenswatman" as the person who has recommended them to you.

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