Wednesday, 26 February 2014

MOTORHOME NO 6 - The classic VW

Whilst travelling around Australia in our borrowed American Motorhome we visited friends who told us of a fantastic coast road in New South Wales.  However our motorhome would be too big to cope with it.  Amazingly they offered us use of their VW camper.

What fun it is to be in one of these, for no apparent reason we constantly felt ourselves smiling.  This was the classic layout with a kitchen and wardrobes down the side and a rock and roll style sofa bed.

We loved the fact the vehicle was small and rugged.  Making the bed was not too difficult as we just rolled the duvet back on the rear shelf.  This would make a great every day vehicle and double up for shorter trips away.  Longer trips would be fine in a sunny climate where you just used the camper for driving and sleeping and cooked and ate outside. Needless to say there was no toilet or shower room.

What we wouldn't have liked long term was the narrowness of the bed and having to make it up each night.  Minimal storage and very basic facilities mean this would not be our choice for a long trip.

Given the size of the vehicle we much preferred our Hi-Ace pop top that we subsequently bought in Australia and lived in for up to 10 months at a time so if you want a small vehicle you may want to
compare the two side by side.

In Europe the VW's are very trendy at the moment making them relatively expensive to buy but they also hold their price which may be a consideration.  

Motorhome 7 - A 5th wheel in USA

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