Wednesday, 19 February 2014

MOTORHOME NO 5 - An American Gulfstream Sunstream 2000 that we used in Australia

After 10 months in Australia followed by 6 months in New Zealand we flew to Sydney to pick up another motorhome on exchange for 6 months.

The 30' Gulfstream Sunsport looked huge and was very plush inside.  The layout gave us a fabulous fixed bed at the back coming out from the side and with access on both sides.  However fore of this was a comparatively cramped bathroom and wardrobe.

Next was a kitchen with dinette opposite and the lounge area comprised a very comfortable sofa bed,
barrel chair opposite and the "Captain" style seats from the cab that swivelled round.

It was a pleasure to have this all singing dancing motorhome with loads of solar panels and batteries to give plenty of power whilst free camping.  

The downside of a vehicle like this is the sheer size in terms or getting around and also the weight.  The owner had enhanced it with lots of panelled wood making it well over 6 tons.  The result of this was even worse fuel consumption than expected and difficulty going up hills.

Overall for the length of the vehicle we preferred the layout of Four Winds that we later bought in USA.  Centre bed at the back with access to each side and wardrobes.  Fore of that a shower on one side and toilet and sink opposite which could be linked to create a large space.  The kitchen was on both sides and the front of the van had a dinette with sofa bed opposite.  The trade off being that the dinette and lounge are in the same area whereas the Sunstream had them separate.  

The good news today is that American motorhomes are more widespread with dealer popping up all over the world and with the Internet parts are much easier to source. 

We still love American motorhomes, the quality of fixtures and general finish and spaciousness.,  However it is the width of these that makes them more difficult to drive in countries such as Europe. 

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