Monday, 3 February 2014

Free and cheap camping for motorhomes in PORTUGAL

Whilst unable to travel abroad we still manage to do it vicariously through the blogs and trip reports of friends.

Hoping to revisit Portugal in the future we area pleased to hear how much more motorhome friendly they are becoming with Aires popping up all over the place.  Many are free whilst others incur a small fee.  To find these places you can get a lot of information on the Internet and from people's blogs or buy the book All the Aires Spain and Portugal through a company like Vicarious Books and have all the info to hand at any time.

On top of that you can join a group called Orbitur who have over 20 campsites around the country, mainly on the coast.  For Euro 10.50 you join the group and get a passport and book of sites.  A block of 10 vouchers costs Euro 90 and each voucher entitles you to one nights stay including facilities so only Euro 9 a night or even with the initial charge around.

Probably next up the price scale is ACSI camping.  Euro 13.95 for one year (Jan - Dec) membership including book of sites throughout Europe.  Then off season campsites are Euro 12, 14 or 16 per night.

Given the increase in motorhomers visiting Spain and the decrease in places you are welcome to free camp or stay cheaply we can see Portugal becoming a choice winter destination and worth checking out.  

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