Friday, 24 August 2012

Travel insurance for people with pre-existing conditions and/or those over 80 years old.

A whole new world opened up to us when we looked for travel insurance to cover Steve whilst he is having treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Most insurance companies wouldn't entertain us as soon as we started answering the medical screening questions.

Luckily we came across All Clear Travel who offer travel insurance for all medical conditions, for all ages and to all countries.  We bought 12 nights for a cruise to Iceland, Faeroe Islands and Norway at a cost of £160 to cover Steve for medical and cancellation. For another £10 we could have included baggage but have very little of value and this would be covered under my own annual policy.

All Clear Travel cover most conditions including diabetes, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack - in fact most things I could think of were listed on their website.

You can take a single trip policy or an annual one for multiple trips up to 45 days duration and can tailor make both to cover the countries you intend visiting.  Once you have keyed in your details they produce a list of the different companies that will offer you cover with prices and values for cancellation etc.

There also appears to be no age limit and you can use the online chat service if you have any problems whilst completing the forms but I found them quite straightforward.

If you don't use the internet you can get a quote by calling 0845 250 5350

Also on offer is a special cruise policy that also covers you for missed trips if you are ill and also compensates if you have to stay in your cabin for any reason or if the cruise ship fails to dock at a particular port and you miss a visit.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

CANCER - Additional help for those receiving mainstream treatment for cancer

Call it fate or whatever but at the point where Steve was seriously ill with side effects from chemo we met a reflexologist and chatted about holistic medicine.  She mentioned The Penny Brohn Cancer Centre at Bristol (previously know as the Bristol Cancer Centre).

What is unique about this place is that they offer information about other therapies that should be used in conjunction with mainstream treatments such as chemo and radiology.

Initially you are invited on a Taste of Bristol Approach 1 day course with an option to stay over the night before.  This is to tell you the basics in order for you to decide what angles interest you most.  Meals are based on their proven anti cancer diet and accommodation is provided as 2 adjoining double en suite rooms per couple.

After doing this course you can return for day courses or residential ones to explore certain aspects further.

The main thing they do is to give you a chance to take control of your body rather than feeling like you have donated your body to medical science.

At the beginning there was a charge for each course but because they have had such good support they are now able to offer all facilities at no charge but appreciate donations.

Unfortunately this is the only centre of its type in Great Britain and probably Europe so it can involve quite a journey to get there but we felt it was worth while and would recommend it to others to help in the battle against cancer.