Monday, 30 April 2012

Head up to lovely LEEDS

All too often we go to cities to shop and basically walk around with our heads down focused on store fronts.  It can be a completely different experience to go to the same city and walk around with your head up admiring the building facades.

Today I had an appointment in Leeds but opted to extend the visit with a bit of sightseeing and was pleasantly surprised.  Using the Rough Guide to Yorkshire I began by following their walking suggestion and discovered wonderful hidden gems including a petanque/boules court with free boules to borrow from a nearby cafe.

So why not re visit the cities near where you live and "play tourist", you may well be pleasantly surprised.

Nymphs in City Square

The boules court

Instructions for playing petanque

Wonderful Moorish style building

Modern sculpture in Millennium Square

Quirky architecture in Millen
nium Square

Inside the market

So why dragons in the market decoration ?

The market entrance, inside the building has been extended many times with different designs

Wall mural by the Corn Exchange

Inside the Corn Exchange

The amazing Corn Exchange building, well worth a look inside

A hidden gem down a side street


Kevin and Ruth said...

Looking forward to our visit in June!

pacific dream said...

Thanks for this good & excellent work. you should have to continue it forever.....

Pacific Dreams

Lulu'ah said...

very nice blog and thanks for lots of information... can't wait to visit England and West Yorkshire :-)

Private Jet Hire said...

I know, Leeds is such a lovely place. Good luck with your cause.

Jacky @ Cheap Rv Hire USA said...

Thanks for providing the listing of destinations. The snaps are quite impressive.