Monday, 2 January 2012

Calling home from abroad

It's always a bit of a minefield trying to figure out the best way to call home from abroad.

There a numerous cards on offer, some have a connection charge, others a daily or monthly charge and the list of extras goes on making it difficult to compare.

I've stumbled on the Nobel Phonecards website and this pretty much sums up your choices in a very simple way.

You key in the country you are going to be calling from and your destination country and type of phone (landline or cell).  You will then see all the cards available with prices per call and extras.

Having decided which card you want you order it through them and the get your PIN and other info by E-mail so it is in fact a virtual card.

Just be aware that the quoted rates are by using a local access number, if you use a free phone number there is an average of 4c minute surcharge.  Scroll down the page for exact figures.  Also expect to pay a premium if you use a pay phone to initiate the call.


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