Sunday, 29 January 2012

How to get from Rome to Rio and hundreds of other places ?

Ever wondered how can I get from here to Timbuktu?  OK so maybe not Timbuktu but often it is hard to know where to start when you want to plan a journey from point A to B or find out if it is even possible

Rome2rio may be just the web site you have dreamt off.  You key in your start and end destinations and using google map it will show you the route including flights, buses, trains, boats etc .  You can even add a fixed date if you wish.

As if that is not enough the left side of the page lists all the components of the trip, telling you which type of transport to use to get to all the in between points, time taken and frequency of that mode of transport.

From there you can go to individual websites to fine tune everything.

Now where do we want to go next?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Travelling light with the worlds lightest carry on trolley bag

As we are getting older we are leaning towards using trolley bags in preference to back packs.

I recently did a lot of research to find not only the lightest trolley bag but also one that would comply with the dimensions of all the budget airlines.

The bag I opted for was the Sub-O-G Second Generation Super lightweight two wheel 47cm trolley case in too embarrassing to be nicked bright pink.  (Also available in plain black or black and white patterned). It comes with a 10 year guarantee and has enough outside pockets for your passports and documents making life easier when using budget airlines like Ryanair who allow absolutely no further carry on bags. By having the wide handles you don't loose so much packing space within the bag and it is much more stable. A 4 wheel, but slightly heavier version, is also available.

I ordered it through Direct Luggage who had it at a discount price of £35.96 (for further savings sign up for their newsletter and they will send you a discount code making the price £32.36.)

The website is well designed and even narrows down luggage to the extent you can ask for Ryanair or Easyjet approved bags to be shown.

The company are extremely efficient and I ordered the goods on Sunday and they were delivered on Wednesday

Monday, 2 January 2012

Calling home from abroad

It's always a bit of a minefield trying to figure out the best way to call home from abroad.

There a numerous cards on offer, some have a connection charge, others a daily or monthly charge and the list of extras goes on making it difficult to compare.

I've stumbled on the Nobel Phonecards website and this pretty much sums up your choices in a very simple way.

You key in the country you are going to be calling from and your destination country and type of phone (landline or cell).  You will then see all the cards available with prices per call and extras.

Having decided which card you want you order it through them and the get your PIN and other info by E-mail so it is in fact a virtual card.

Just be aware that the quoted rates are by using a local access number, if you use a free phone number there is an average of 4c minute surcharge.  Scroll down the page for exact figures.  Also expect to pay a premium if you use a pay phone to initiate the call.