Sunday, 23 October 2011

1 month motorhome journey through France to Spain

This is a very brief summary of our journey down through France mainly to highlight the places we free camped and interesting sights en route.

We use All the aires France and Camperstop Europe as out initial point to find places to stay but often find our own.

Arrived by ferry late at night and made the 20 minute drive to the aire at Wissant.

MONTVILLE, nice aire by the lake and river with free wi-fi.  Took the bus into Rouen Euro 2 each way.ROUEN saw many motorhomes parked on the riverbank opposite the old city so this would have been an alternative.  Interesting sights in Rouen.

MARBOUE, pulled up for lunch then ended up staying 2 nights.  Small village. Aire by park next to river.  Clean toilet available.

BEAUGENCY, aire is by the river, can get congested.  Basic toilet available.  Short walk into town.  Managed to get a free wi-fi signal from nearby hotel.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Expenses for full time living in a motorhome in Europe

Many people are curious to know how we can afford to live our lifestyle and how much we spend each month so here I will give you a little insight in the hope that it makes you realise you can afford to enjoy the privilege of this wonderful lifestyle also.

We always budget by the month as our rental income is paid that way.  Also this often evens things out as we may arrive in France and get bad weather imducing us to do a fast journey south where we then travel slowly so expenses would be higher at the start of the month but less towards the end.

With £25 a day you can live a nice life, £30 a day would enable you to do more tourist attractions and eat out more often.  £20 a day would still make it well worthwhile doing this but you would probably only do the free tourist attractions.

The following prices are in Euros so that you can work out against the current exchange rate. (Now around

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Picking a motorhome for full timing in Europe

Considerations when buying a motorhome for full time travelling and free camping.  We've lived in over a dozen variations of motorhomes and these are our conclusions.

A class motorhomes -
Pros - Lots more space inside as the cab area is as wide as the vehicle and the seats often swivel around to integrate into the living space.
A drop down bed gives you a permanent bed with no loss of living space.
These are usually amongst the most expensive vehicles to buy
Cons - The drop down bed is shorter due to the space required for the lifting hydraulics, no good for my husband who is 6'1" tall.
In the unlikely event you needed to drive off quickly the bed would have to be put back in place before you could get to the driving seat

C Class -
Pros - Excellent value for money
Usually you get a large over cab fixed bed
The over cab area can also be excellent storage space
Of all the motorhomes these usually have the most headroom inside
Cons - You have to climb up to the over cab bed

Monday, 3 October 2011

Cash back when you use your normal web site - not too good to be true

I love saving money and when I discovered Quidco and Top Cash Back I was delighted.

By initially going into the Quidco or Top Cash Backwebsite I can then link to the normal sites and get cash back.  Many popular sites include cash back and I have used Asda, Dabs, Jet2, WH Smith, Late Rooms and P&O ferries and received cash back from them all.

 What have you got to loose?  What have you got to gain?  MONEY WITH NO CATCHES.

Your money is paid back to you each month as cash into your bank account.