Monday, 5 September 2011

Nick at FES Gas in Wales - our knight in shining armour

For our new motorhome we ordered 2 x 11kg aluminium refillable gas tanks from FES Autogas . The idea was to have them delivered to Cordoba Leisure to be fitted to our new motorhome before we collected it.

Cordoba received the joined gas tanks arrived but were too big to fit in the locker.  Rather than contact FES for advice Cordoba in their wisdom opted to dismantle the two tanks to fit them in.  They left the tanks unconnected, without the connecting pipework and with lots of leaks.

We had many problems but with help from Nick and Warren at FES managed to get enough sorted for
our first 2 month trip.  On return we went to their depot in Wales where Nick was extremely helpful.  He checked all the connections, accompanied us to the LPG station where we filled both tanks and established the cut offs worked.  Went back to the depot where he fixed all the leaks and tested everything.  Finally because he stands by the quality of their product and was upset by the amount of hassle Cordoba had created he refused payment for the work done.

For service and a great product we would highly recommend FES.  

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