Friday, 23 September 2011

Ferry bookings, getting the best price

Having decided to return to France we wanted to book the cheapest ferry crossing.  Whilst the comparison sites helped us to narrow down which lines were the most competitive (at the moment P&O ferries) we took it a stage further.

First through Quidco I got an extra 4% discount.

Then we booked the cheapest crossing, £31 at 21.05, but we arrived at the docks early knowing that most ferry companies will put you on one crossing earlier without any extra charge.

 It worked and we got the 7.30pm which should have cost £44 for the price of the £31 later crossing.

As they say look after the pennies .....

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Free camping in France

Finally we are back on the road with just the 2 of us in the motorhome so time to really try things out.  We've bought the "All the Aires France" book and coupled with the Tomtom it is proving excellent for finding cheap or free camping.

Last night we arrived late on the ferry from Dover so drove for just 1/2 hour to Wissant (it was from the beach there that Julius Caesar heading to England). The purpose made aire is by the main road, has plenty of slightly sloping spots and is perfect for a one night stop.

 Today we have headed south and found a beautiful spot in the village of Montville just north of Rouen.  The parking is by a stream with a small lake over the bridge and it is a 2 minute walk into town.  There is even free wi-fi.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Nick at FES Gas in Wales - our knight in shining armour

For our new motorhome we ordered 2 x 11kg aluminium refillable gas tanks from FES Autogas . The idea was to have them delivered to Cordoba Leisure to be fitted to our new motorhome before we collected it.

Cordoba received the joined gas tanks arrived but were too big to fit in the locker.  Rather than contact FES for advice Cordoba in their wisdom opted to dismantle the two tanks to fit them in.  They left the tanks unconnected, without the connecting pipework and with lots of leaks.

We had many problems but with help from Nick and Warren at FES managed to get enough sorted for