Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Andaman Islands ferries

If you want to get around the Andaman Islands you are going to have to take a ferry at some point.  Before arriving at the port arm yourself with photocopies of the Andaman permission slip, your India visa and your passport.  It is anyones guess which of these they will require so best to have them all ready and whilst you are at the xerox shop make sure you have enough copies for each of the ferries you may take.

Before going to the ticket desk get hold of a yellow slip of paper onto which you write the details of the journey you want to do.

The government ferries from Port Blair to Havelock and Neil vary.  For example our 11.30am one to Havelock went via Neil and almost doubled the journey time. Whichever journey you do the total price is Rs195.  There are no food or drink services on the boat.

On arrival you will be met by an immigration officer who will register your island permission form.

Leaving Neil island there is no ferry booking office, you just board and pay on the boat - no paperwork required. 


ferries said...

Hi, Steve, your articles is interesting, Your guidance about the passport, visa, etc.,is helpful, as you said they are cheap ferries. so, we can save money, but I am worried about the food, anyhow, we can bring our food packets, right?

Steve & Glen Swatman said...

We always travel with some dry biscuits, sometimes salty crackers or plain biscuits like marie which are very cheap plus plenty of water. You can buy these from the stalls opposite the entrance to the ferries in Port Blair and Havelock.

Ann and John Farr said...

Hello - just read your 3 days in Delhi blog - we are two mature backpackers on 2nd RTW trip and going to head to india for 3 weeks - can you advice somewhere lo-cost and safe to stay in New Delhi for our first few nights in Delhi to ease us into India gently ??

Many thanks Ann and John Farr our e-mail address is :

Steve & Glen Swatman said...

Hello Ann and John. We stayed with a friend but would recommend using www.tripadvisor.com or www.makemytrip.com to read reviews and find a hotel. Also better to stay a bit out from the centre but by a metro line.

Pushpendra singh said...
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nikki said...
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