Monday, 14 March 2011

Indian buses, taking the rough with the smooth

Can you guess which type this is ?  - This is the De-Luxe A/C bus

Buses in India can be heaven or hell depending which one you end up on.  In our early ignorance we took local buses which were very cheap but uncomfortable and crowded.  They have 2 seats on one side and 3 on the other so designed for the smaller Indian bodies.  Luggage racks are very shallow so even carry on size baggage will not fit there.  We found out the best solution was to take a 2 seat each and sit by the window with the bag between our legs and our feet towards the centre.  This way a local can still take the adjoining seat. 
Next up the scale and a little more expensive are the run down coaches with 2 seats each side, reclining or not depending on which position they broke.  These have deeper luggage racks and more leg room and are considerably more comfortable. 
At the top of the scale we found A/C coaches with proper reclining seats, deep luggage racks and power sockets but at a much higher price.
Arriving at the bus station we found we were nearly always directed to the local bus unless we asked if there was a de-luxe one.  We also found the A/C coaches travelled faster with few stops and often made a 10 minute break at a restaurant.       

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