Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Travelling light - mens packing list

Men’s packing list
Steve uses a small carry on sized travel pack that can convert from a bag to a backpack.  It weighs 1.1kg.
This list has been used on a 7 month trip to South America covering all seasons, an Antarctic boat trip and a cruise. (Actually cheated a little as for the formal cruise Steve picked up a second hand jacket at a charity shop before boarding and left it with our cabin steward at the end)
We prefer to under pack and buy anything extra we really need rather than carry something we don’t use.
1 pair black lightweight walker/trainer style shoes
1 pair Crocs or reef sandals (can be worn with or without socks and also used in the water)
3 pairs black thin socks
3 pair’s underpants (make at least 1 pair boxer shorts)
1 T-shirt (can be layered with other things to create warmth)
2 cotton/polyester short sleeved shirts (mid colour checks are great for not showing the dirt and most of the ones in this fabric hardly crease even after a hand wash). Unlike cotton T-shirts these wash and dry very quickly, can look smart or casual and are also cooler to wear – plus they can be multi sex and worn by a female with the bottom knotted at the waist.
1 long sleeved shirt and tie to wear with it if needed
1 pair khaki chino style trousers (when ironed they make smart evening trousers but also look OK a little crumbled for everyday wear).  Worn when visiting cities they make you look less like a tourist than travel zip off trousers.
1 pair lightweight purpose made travelling zip off trousers (many now have 2 zips making trousers, ¾ pants and shorts)
1 pair long shorts with internal mesh (so they can also be used for swimming)
1 lightweight polar fleece jacket with good thermal qualities
1 cheap plastic poncho
1 thin but warm long sleeved jumper
1 cap
1 beanie style warm hat
1 pair warm gloves
2 sarongs (double up as towels, sheets etc)
To be used by both of us a small bag containing:-
Mosquito repellent
Travel clock
Universal sink plug
TIP - Make sure all the tops you pack look good with all the bottoms to increase the mix and match possibilities.

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Simon Belfield said...

Thanks for the advice. Time to find myself a nice jumpers to take along with me.