Monday, 31 January 2011

INDIA Cochin - ATM and SIM cards

If you need money on arrival at Cochin International airport there is an ATM.  As soon as you leave the arrivals hall there are two different bank booths directly across the road. The maximum we could draw in one transaction was Rs10000 but we could do a second transaction immediately after that. 

Checking around it seems Airtel have the best phone coverage throughout India.

We bought a SIM card for Rs 26 at one of their main offices.  We produced our passport for ID, Guesthouse receipt with address as proof of where we were staying and also needed a passport style photo.  Paperwork was easy and for Rs 222 we got 222 minutes of phone credit with no expiry.  Once you leave the state in which you bought the card you then pay roughly double to make calls and send SMS and also to receive a call but this applies to all the phone companies in India.  Even so with a base rate of Rs 1 for India text and Rs 5 for text to UK and Rs 1 a minute for calls even doubled up this is cheap 


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