Thursday, 9 December 2010

Visiting big cities, getting lost and getting out of there

The following information we apply when in our motorhome but is also good for people self driving in anything.

First we try to avoid driving into big cities by checking out public transport and then finding a car park somewhere near the end of the line but on occasions you cannot do this. If you have a choice and want to drive into or through a big city then try and pick a Sunday morning.

To do this stay nearby on the Saturday night and check out a map to work out on which road we will want to leave.  Early on the Sunday morning head into the city, cross through then find the road you intend leaving on before looking for a parking spot.  Traffic is much lighter and parking spots so much easier to find and when you are ready to leave you have already done the hard part in finding the road out.

If you do get lost at any stage one option is to flag down a taxi, tell him where you want to go and explain that you will follow him there then pay him the usual fare on arrival.  That way he is sure to drive slowly enough for you to follow.

Another idea is to find a pizza delivery shop.  Go in and order and ask if you can have a pizza delivered to either your destination or at least to somewhere on the road that you want to get out of town on.  Explain that you want to follow the driver.  Cheaper than a taxi even after giving the deliverer a tip and you get a pizza to eat as well.

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