Sunday, 12 December 2010

Travelling light

More and more airlines are reducing the carry on luggage weight making it more of a challenge to fly without checking in baggage.

So how can you get around this problems.  

Have you noticed that no one ever checks the weight of the clothing you are wearing so this may be a loophole.

It makes sense to initially wear your heaviest clothing and footwear within reason but you can still save weight by filling your pockets with small heavy things like computer power packs.

Whilst someone has already designed a full blown jacket with numerous pockets to amost act as luggage this is very expensive and bulky.  There are also smaller travel vests but with a limited number of pockets.

So why not buy or make something along the lines of a fishing vest (waistcoat), put your heaviest items into it and wear it whilst boarding the aircraft.  Once on board you can whip it off and put it into your luggage without fear of extra cost.  In fact if you get the right kind of vest you could even leave you stuff in it and just hang it on a coathanger on arrival to access the pockets.

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hydration backpack said...

Yeah, it really is too bad that they airlines are forcing us to check in bags now. They are selling us these really cheap flights, but then we have to pay for every little basic service. Plus, sometimes, on short flight I don't really want to check in my bag, cause I want to get out of the airport as fast as I can, but I can't do that if I have to wait for my bags. So thanks for the tips, I'll think about that the next time I'll fly. :)