Monday, 21 April 2014

Sending gifts whilst abroad

Need to send a gift to someone abroad but fed up with the high postage charges or the expensive gift websites on line?

Save money by using one of the regular supermarkets and stores that offer on line ordering and a delivery service.

This way you get everyday prices and just pay the standard delivery charge, usually between £3.50 and £6 (sometimes free if you can get an on line coupon) on top of the cost of the item.

If you are doing this for a delivery in the UK you can take it a stage further as my supermarket uk will compare the different stores so you get the best price for the product you want. 

Also don't stop there why not also begin with one of the cash back websites as many of the on line shopping companies offer cash back.

By checking out the big grocery stores you can find chocolates, wine, beauty products, toys, DVD's, gardening things and so much more.

I have just sent family my version of Christmas hampers and was able to take up the special 2 ro 1 and half price offers into the bargain and also choose the exact products I know they like.

Often there is a place on the order for you to make a special note such as - gift from .....

Of course you do have to stipulate a delivery time with a 2-hour gap so you may have to pre warn the person but  I can assure you in my case this in no way detracted from the excitement of the delivery surprise.

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