Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Motorhome / RV - A list of essential items for outside the vehicle

Fourwinds 5000 motorhome

When buying an RV/Motorhome it can be hard to know what to buy initially.

Generally we find it better to manage without things and buy later rather than overload the motorhome with things we don't really need and believe me there is a big difference between what you do need and what you might think you need.

Having had over 10 motorhomes we now feel we have a pretty good idea of what you really might need.    

This is a list of things for inside the RV/motorhome .

Here is a list of the external items we like to have, obviously this list is subject to the amount of storage space and payload available.  Other considerations are the number of passengers, countries to be visited and expected weather.

Leveling blocks
Solar panel or 2 if you can afford it and have space for them

Inverter - generally a cheap non pure sinewave one is sufficient for charging phones, laptops and running a TV.
Outdoor carpet - breathable plastic is preferable
Door mat
Gas bottles or LPG tank
Picnic chairs - check the height for us when dining at the table.
Picnic table
Sun lounger bed - a bit of a treat but it is really handy if you like to lie on your stomach and the ground is rough.
Small table - handy if you just want to put drinks on rather than getting the full table out and also can be used to put your feet on when you are sat in the chair.
Lots of cheap tarps - you'd be amazed how many uses you find for these.
General tool box
Assorted nails, screws etc,
Stanley knife
Tape measure
Silicone gun
Flexible silicone - we like Sikaflex 
Tent pegs
Washing line
Clothes pegs
Washing whirly round thing to hang on wing mirrors
Clothes horse (size to fit in shower stood up for hanging washing or coats on wet days)
Extension cable
Adaptors for the different electrical sockets you may encounter
25 litre water container
Hose pipe
Hose pipe adaptors
Strong rubber gloves
Solar shower bag
Warning triangles
Luminous safety vests
Trowel or small spade
Duct tape

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