Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Making phone calls abroad from Australia

When travelling we tend to use a number of methods for keeping in touch with people at home.  Our UK mobile is good for free incoming texts but expensive for everything else.

To get the best rates we use different methods.

Skype seems to be one of the cheapest for sending SMS messages or phoning mobiles and did you know that free phone number throughout the world are still free on skype?

To call landlines it may pay you to buy a phone card (actually now just a till receipt) where you call a number, key in your PIN then dial the number you require.  These are not really cheap it you use the 1800 or 1300
numbers but dial the local number and you can call UK for 2c minutes.  Shop around to check there are no connection charges or expiry dates.  This phone card comparisson is very good for working out exactly which card is best for you.

Don't forget with most call boxes in Australia you pay 40c to connect to a local number for unlimited duration and by dialing ** you can make follow on calls.

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