Saturday, 4 December 2010

House sitting hitches!

We've had an expensive and hectic year so combatting both of these issues we are catching up with ourselves by house-sitting for friends in Mildura, Australia. As is often the case part of house-sitting duties are to look after pets or animals. Here we have 2 dogs, 5 ducks and 8 chickens to take care off.

The problem comes with the ducks in particular Denis the drake. He has a nasty habbit of attacking you by pecking at your feet and ankles. I did research on the Internet to find a solution and also posted a help entry on Facebook. Of course Facebook friends responded with the usual funnies the obvious one being to try Peking instead of pecking duck! In amongst this was a suggestion that Steve should challenge the duck by reaching up high and flapping his arms whilst hissing.

Today he went into the pen to let the ducks out and tried this tactic on Denis. As usual Denis kept coming at him so Steve stepped back but didn't realise there was a wheelbarrow behind. Now not only does he have pecked ankles but a cut arm and grazed bum where he fell over.

New tactic, leave the ducks locked up until we have finished in the garden then lock ourselves in the pool enclosure until it is time to put them away leaving Steve just one quick challenge with Denis.

TIP - When house-sitting you sometimes take things from a cupboard then can't remember exactly where to put them back. A quick and easy solution is to take a digital photo of the inside of any cupboards you are likely to use. You will be surprised how clearly you can see the contents when you bring the image up on a computer and often this helps to know where to put things back.

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