Thursday, 30 December 2010

Don't always believe what you are told - at least not the first time

We've just had a classic example of duff information.  We have friends from Melbourne hoping to come up and camp by the river near Mildura.  They phoned up Victoria Parks and Wildlife and were told the whole stretch of river is closed for camping due to the floods etc.

Yesterday we took a drive from Bruce's Bend to Psyche Pumps, the only bit of flooding was in very low ground and there were dozens of people enjoying the riverside bush camping in tents, caravans and motorhomes.  There are superb grassy spots with shade and privacy.

Mildura Murray River between Bruce's Bend and Psyche Pumps, great bush camping to be had either side of the marina

Moral of the tale, always try to check with a local rather than a distant information centre and if it is something you really want to do check with as many sources as possible before giving up.

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