Friday, 3 December 2010

Buying a motorhome

What to look for when buying a motorhome.  These are our thoughts as budget concious full time travellers.

Whenever we buy and sell a motorhome we are more concerned with the difference between buying and selling price than the actual cost.  Of course this assumes you have the money to invest in the first place!

I always reckon you get the best buys if the item is being sold due to one of the 3 D's.  Divorce, Death or De Bank wanting the money.

Our new Rimor Koala 48 RV/Motorhome

This time I think we fall into the latter catergory having just bought a brand new (our first new vehicle purchase ever) Rimor Koala 48 motorhome as an end of season clearance.  The Rimor factory in Italy wanted them paid for and out of the way to make space for the 2011 models and through their agents Cordoba Leisure we felt we got a good price.  Sid at Cordoba was brilliant dealing with questions and organising the deal for us whilst we were in Australia.

Just need to source a discount on an awning, LPG tank system, solar panels and alarms now - the downsides of buying new!

After buying and selling numerous motorhomes we now have it down to a fine art as to what we need rather than think we want and I will soon be posting our list for that.

On the plus side of buying new we have up to 3 years before needing to return to England for the annual MOT inspection, have warranties on the vehicle and get to pick the layout and with luck will get a good price when we sell.  Also everything will be clean and tidy when we move in, can't wait until May when we get to meet Eddie. 

Rimor Koala motorhome 48 layouts by day and night

In terms of motorhome size, as full timers we always find it best to go for a 4 or up to 6 berth vehicle not only enabling us to have visitors but also giving us a little more living and storage space although this time I doubt we will use even a quarter of the garage space but I suppose we could put the grandkids in there if they play up!

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