Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Brilliant hotel multi search saving you time and money

Hotel Combined guarantee they will find you the cheapest price so this has to be a good starting point when searching for a hotel.

In one search it will check out many other hotel search sites including Agoda, Expedia, Hotels.com,Late rooms, Hotel Club, Easy click travel,Hrs.com, Dhr,Travelocity and more.

You have options as to how you want the results displayed, by distance, popularity, price, star rating. You can see maps, reviews and photos all on the one page.


Another multi search that has become popular is Trivago which claims to search over 200 sites at once.

However these sites often miss showing chain hotels such as :-

Premier Inn
Holiday Inn
Ibis Budget


Don't just stop there, if you have time then double check first on a website like Top Cash Back to see if they match the price and also offer cash back


Finally if you see that the booking form has a place for a voucher code then do a quick search to see if there are any current discount codes showing up on line.

Here are a few more tips on getting more from cash back sites

However don't forget that more often than not the biggest savings are made in the first 15 - 30 minutes so unless you have lots of free time then don't beat yourself up if you only do one of the above things, every little helps.


Ruth and Tony said...

We tried this facility and it worked really well. We needed a room in Bankstown for a seminar we are attending in January and I couldn't find anything until I used it.
It saved a lot of hassle and now means we wont have to travel far to get to the seminar.

Sally Williams said...

Some great tips thanks guys! I usually do my own research to find offers on hotel stays. My Voucher Codes is a good website. They cover a few hotels including Travelodge that you mentioned Trivago and Hotel Combined don't. You can see page with offers on here.

Look forward to more tips whilst travelling!