Wednesday, 22 December 2010

4 Aromatherapy oils I would not travel without

Having studied a little about aromatherapy massage I like to have a supply of ESSENTIAL oils with me.  Whilst travelling it is not practical to carry a full range but these are the ones I would not travel without plus their uses.  I carry 10ml of each and even on a 1-year trip have never run out.  Not only are they useful and light in the luggage they work out much cheaper than the many other products you would have to carry to cover all the functions these do.

Tea tree - this has great antisceptic and antibacterial properties.  Can be used neat on cuts etc but better diluted with a little water or carrier oil.  A few drops of tea tree and eucalyptus oil will get rid of odours in shoes.  Dilute with water to 5%, and use to disinfect surfaces or as a mouthwash. It can also get rid of head lice when used after shampoo or mixed in shampoo for dandruff treatment.  Many fungal infections can also be cured by regular treatment with tea tree oil.

Clove oil - the best thing if you have toothache.  Put a drop on a cotton bud or a clean finger and massage the area.  You will find it cleanses the area and also numbs it.  This is also an antifungal oil and can be used on warts and veruccas. Porbalby the least useful of the oils I carry but believe me you only have to use it once on
toothache to make it worth carrying!

Eucalyptus  - Great to help breathing if you have a cold, put a drop on your pillow (take care not to put it where your eyes go) or a couple of drops in your hands, cup them together then inhale.  Mix a little with a carrier oil or lotion and rub into your chest and bag for added effect.  Pour a couple of drops into a warm
bath and enjoy the relief from aches and pains plus repiratory problems.  Also good for massaging aching limbs when mixed with a carrier oil.  Used neat it is great for removing ball point pen and chewing gum from clothes etc.

Lavender oil - a brilliant oil it uplifts you if you are down and calms you if you are stressed.  Rubbed on the forehead or a couple of drops on the pillow it reduces headaches.  It also helps soothe insect bites and stings  and is the only oil to be used on burns to accelerate healing.  NOTE Do not use this oil if you have cancers as it could accelerate them.  Also nice in a burner or in the bath tub.  Used like a perfume it can also work as a mosquito repellent or can be dabbed on bites to soothe them if it doesn't!  When mixed with a body or baby lotion it makes a wonderful after sun to soothe any burns.  Also good for aching joints, respiratory problems and as a hair rinse for lice removal.  

TIP For a cheap carrier oil try grapeseed, it does not have its own fragrance, is easily absorbed and very cheap to buy.  Mix with cooking salt and lavendar oil for a body scrub - shower as normal then turn the water off and take handfuls of the salt mixture to scrub your skin before rinsing.  WARNING take care this will make the shower floor slippy

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