Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Budget hotels at bargain prices

Finally someone has hit the missing spot in the market.  TUNE HOTELS - A good quality hotel room without frills but with many extras individually priced as add ons.  The base price is a modern double fan cooled room with en-suite.

For the first day you must pay a room service charge but after that it is an optional extra.   

Mainly in Asia but with a hotel in London this looks to be the way of the future.  Add ons include air-con, breakfast, internet, towels with toiletries pack, luggage storage and hair dryer all at reasonable prices.

We shall be using the one at Kuala Lumpur LCCT to tie in with a stop over on our Air Asia flights.

A real treat for budget concious back packers and perfect for people who just want a good price on a user pays basis.  Well done Tune Hotels

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