Friday, 14 May 2010

Wizz Air extras - to pay or not to pay, that is the question

Where possible we fly with a budget airline to save money.

We booked our flight to Hungary (to visit the dentist) with Wizz Air and were offered numerous extras, baggage, priority check in, extra leg room etc.

Needless to say as cheapskates we opted for none of them (but ended up with many, read on).

We did on line web check in and arrived at Luton airport and proceeded straight through to the Wizz Air boarding gate.  So far no one had checked or weighed our bags.

We were told that you could only take 1 piece of baggage on board totalling 10kg so put the laptop inside the carry on bag but noticed people in the queue with 2 or even 3 bags.  Just to try things out we removed the laptop bag and proceeded to board with me carrying a holdall, laptop on my back and a bum bag - not a word was said.

On return we joined the boarding queue before any announcements were made.  Then heard this was for priority passnegers and those with children.  We were loathe to drop to the back so shuffled forward and proceeded onto the bus to the plane.

Wizz Air do not allocate seats so it is a bit of a free for all once you board the plane.  Having gone through with the priority passengers on the first bus we were amongst the first to board the plane.  We noticed the front 6 (extra leg room) seats where only 4 were taken, we asked the stewardess if the others were available and were told we could sit there.   

So without paying any extra we managed to take 3 unweighed bags on board, got priority boarding and extra leg rooms seats.

Flying out we were on time taking off and landing and on return 35 minutes late taking off but only 10 minutes late on landing.

Food and drink offered on board are very expensive and leg room and comfort in the regular seats is poor.  Would we fly with them again?  Yes if ther was no other budget airline going to the same destination.  Would we pay for extras - maybe the extra legroom seats as this also includes priority boarding.

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