Friday, 5 March 2010

Greedy Glen in Gorgoeous Gramado

,Trivia =
   Q. Big Ben is the name of the Bell in the Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament. What is the name of the tower housing it?
Gramado is a delightful mountain village a couple of hours from Porto Alegre by bus.

Much of the architecture is Swiss style

There's a Germany in miniature at mini world

A very attractive Black Lake

Way too many chocolate shops

                                                                                                              And worst of all our wonderful hosts Evair, Francine and Brian took us out to lunch.  At Bela Vista Cafe Colonial they just keep bringing more and more plates of food to your table, plus re filling the jugs of wine

Following that you find out there is a dessert fridge where you can help yourself to 22 different ones, so of course we ate way too much and have to say "the diet starts tomorrow"!

A. Saint Stephen's Tower


Shenandoah bed and breakfast said...

The Gramado is a really gorgeous small town in Brazil. It is so eye catching and attractive. The Black Lake is a pleasant and peaceful lake in the town. The Housing Structure is of Italian architecture and so magnificent. The place is clean and refreshing.

Visit Brazil said...

Gramado, on the South of Brazil, is a completely different country to the one imagined by foreign tourists: