Monday, 1 March 2010

Hungary to visit the dentist

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 We are no longer registered with a dentist in England so have to get our dental treatment whilst travelling.

There are many countries offering good treatment at a reasonalble price.  We have visited dentists in New Zealand, Hungary, Morocco, Malaysia and Mexico.

This year we are going back to Hungary as I need a few crowns replacing.

Luckily we have friends there so just need a flight.  Using which budget I established which cheap airlines flew to Budapest.  I then did price comparisons and found that Wizz Air offered the best deal from London Luton airport. I played around with the days and finally got return flights for less than £65 including taxes and on line payment.

The next thing we needed was a bus connection from Yorkshire.  Mega bus offered a coach from Leeds to London for £5 each and from the arrival in Victoria coach station we can connect to Luton airport.

Each crown should be over £200 cheaper there so you can see the savings and we get to visit friends as well where they will book us in with their local dentist.

There are many companies such as "save on dental care"who will organise a whole package for you including flights, hotel and treatment. 

   A. Graceland

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