Tuesday, 2 February 2010

GENERAL TRAVEL - Peru - Food glorious food

Trivia - Which U.S.A. state has the most border with other states? 

 A pictorial food diary of Peru

Anyone for a choco bum biscuit?

Tipon, roast guinea pig

Cusco - Steve's Alpaca steak dinner part of his £3.30 deal of the day

Cusco - Glens trout meal part of the £2.20 deal of the day including a glass of wine.

Cusco -  Local snack of corn bread with a bit of chocolate inside, 22p

Pisac market, Steve with a fresh empanada

Lake Titicaca Isla Suma Balsa Steve eating the totura reed root

Amantani Island, Steve & Glen having breakfast at our host families home

Trivia answer - Tennessee is bordered by eight states - KY, MI, AR, MS, AL, GE, NC, VA

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