Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Getting around Britain on the cheap.

Travelling around Britain need not be too expensive, especially if you plan and book in advance.  

National Express offer fares as low as GBP1 from London to Edinburgh.  The secret is to check out the fares early and travel when they have the cheep fares on offer.  Usually this means you don't travel on peak days (weekends and holidays) or months (July and August),
Often the website will only let you book one ticket at he cheapest fare so if I want 2 tickets I open 2 windows at once and book the tickets simultaneously as they give you up to 20 minutes to complete the purchase.

Even if you don´t want to travel between major cities look for funfares from your starting city to another big city beyond the one you want to go to then check out the route, you may find the bus actually stops at the place you want to go to. 
For example Leeds to Manchester was showing GBP5 but Leeds to Liverpool had a funfare offer of GBP1 and this bus stopped in Manchester where we got off.   

Mega Bus also do fares from GBP1 and in fact at the moment are even offering some free seats.  Fares from £1 plus 50p booking fee.  This company now have bus routes across to Europe with great fares.

Mega Bus Gold Now this is something else.  These are really luxurious coaches and many do night
runs with bunks and hammocks.  Not as cheap as Mega Bus but you do save a nights accommodation costs.


Train tickets seem to be on sale 3 months and this seem to be the cheapest time to book with the price increasing from then onwards.

Mega Train is the same company as the bus and you can also find journeys combining bus and train.  .

Rail Easy and The Train Linecan offer you up to 80% discount if you book ahead.  Their tickets often include all parts of the journey, train, tube and bus.


Many counties in Britain now have "day rover" type tickets.  Often these are for a combination of bus and train within that county for the whole day and usually represent very good value for money.

Check out the cost of a family ticket, although usually for 2 adults and 2 children it is sometimes cheaper than buying 2 seperate adult tickets.

In London an Oyster Card gives reduced fares on buses, underground and some trains.


There are numerous low budget airlines flying all around Britain. 

Flight Checker is a great way to find very cheap flights and even to key in a search to "anywhere"

Which Budget will tell you exactly who flies where and then links you to the company web site - for flights within the UK scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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