Sunday, 28 February 2010

Stunning Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Trivia -

   Q. Into which ocean does the river Zambesi flow?

WEDNESDAY 24 FEBRUARY – We catch the 11.10am COT bus to Punta Del Diablo, U$185 (£6).  The bus seats are closer together but comfortable and although they are supposed to have wi-fi on board we are both more in need of a snooze.  Arrival time of 2pm passes and we are still not there and around half an hour later the bus pulls over.  Mission control to Houston we have a problem, the driver walking round with the fan belt in his hand gives us a clue.  After changing buses we finally arrive just after 3pm.  Punta Del Diablo is a fishing village turned into a holiday village at the end of road.  The town roads are all dirt, go off in all directions and don’t have name boards.  Setting out to find a room we quickly realise most accommodation is privately owned cottages where you have to telephone the
owner for availability and price.  This is difficult as we have no phone and our Spanish is limited.  We find a room at U$1500 (£50) and are offered a double in a hostel for U$1600 (£55). 
With luck we stumble on Hostal Del Diablo where they have reduced double en-suite rooms inc breakfast to U$1000 or there is a dorm with beds at  U$400 (£13) pp and she assures us we would have the dorm to ourselves, so we check into our 8 bedded room and take our pick of the beds.  The hostal has a couple of lounge areas, wi-fi, a guest kitchen, grassy lawns and swimming pool but it is too cold to make use of that today. 

It is a very windy afternoon so we set out to explore the town rather than the beach.  It is absolutely delightful, lots of interesting cottages, beautiful coastal area with lots of rocks and quirky streets.  Even in high season it feels quiet, relaxed and more like a backpackers place.  Although we are between lunch and evening meal times we enjoy a pizza, U$100 (£3.50) then buy wine and other drinks to take back to the hostal.  Steve is happy to watch football on TV whilst I have a late afternoon nap.  It is chilly in the evening so we snuggle up in bed watching a film on the laptop.
PUNTA DEL DIABLO – HOSTAL DEL DIABLO Dorm $400pppn or Double room $1000, including breakfast less 15% for HI members

THURSDAY 25 FEBRUARY – It was very quiet here last night so we both caught up with our sleep.  It is still a windy morning so not a beach day.  The breakfast is buffet style, bread with jam and coffee.  Matt & Lucy from England are also staying here and we end up spending the morning chatting to them and then buying cheese and wine for a lunch together.  On line our book flights to Hungary so that we can visit friends and combine the stay with overdue dental treatment.  We are going with from Luton to Budapest at around £65 each return so a great deal.  Even with our bus fares to connect with the flight it will still be less than £100 each so with crowns there around £200 less than in England we get a free trip.  Take a late afternoon stroll around the village and again can’t resist the huge ice creams with 2 scoops at U$70 (£2.30), they are so big they have to put them on a tray until you have eaten most of the top scoop so plenty big enough for two. 

FRIDAY 26 FEBRUARY – Hooray it is a nice sunny day so after breakfast (better than yesterday as we had cereal and toast as well) we head to the beach.  This place really has something for everyone, by the main town there is a shallow beach where most people go, south is a windswept beach with few people, north of the town is the surfers beach followed by one with dunes where people sandboard, after that endless secluded stretches.  We settle on the town beach for a few hours.  It is really hot and we take walks and dips in the ocean to cool down.  Late afternoon I call for my daily ice cream then we return to sit on the grassy area by the swimming pool. 

  A. Indian


Kevin and Ruth said...

Hi Glen, happy to see you having a good time. Just thought I would mention that you have the dates in your travel log as April instead of February. Or do they have different months down there, lol!


Anonymous said...

Hu Guys,
thanks for you comments, they will be great for our vactaions. Could you give me a review of "Hostal del diablo" in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay? Haw about the rooms, people there, higienic, and more.
Thank you very much!

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