Wednesday, 10 February 2010


FRIDAY 5 FEBRUARY – Catch the Flecha bus, A$37 (6.20) at 10.45am with cama (reclining) seats. It is very comfortable and the price includes lunch with a sandwich, biscuit and sweets. Constant hot and cold water are available, the hot to feed the Argentinean addiction to “mate”. We travel through dense jungle with overflowing rivers. Arrive on time at 15.45hrs in Posadas and soon find our Hospitality Club host Walter. He is with his cousin, 13 year old Ivan. Walter speaks a little English whilst Ivan none. Walter drops us at his home saying he must return to work and from there to night school until 11pm where he is studying to be a lawyer. Ivan is left to look after us. To pass the time we teach him the card game “golf” then suggest a walk around the area. Realise it is not the best part of town when we see a wild horse eating the street rubbish. It is very hot and we soon figure there really is nothing to see so pick up and ice cream and return to the house. On the computer I put on a movie with Spanish subtitles and this sends Ivan to sleep leaving us to watch a few other movies alone. There’s a portable swimming pool at the back of the garage in the open air and sitting in it cools us a little. It is high in the30’s
and with the humidity we are constantly dripping. Try to chat to Ivan who is so friendly he keeps hitting us with really long sentences which we cannot understand. Walter arrives home around 10.30pm then pops out to pick up chicken empanadas and “coke”. He suggests a drive out. The airport is high above the city and we are not the only ones enjoying the views. Many cars are parked up with the occupants sat out on garden chairs drinking and chatting – quite bizarre at this time of night. On the Costanera on the banks of the Parana River, which separates Posadas from Paraguay, even more cars are parked up. We walk along the promenade and just can’t believe the number of people there, sitting out drinking mate or beer, even the park is full of small children and it is now past midnight. In a way we can understand this as at least there is a breeze by the river whereas the houses are stifling. Ivan is not impressed by the fact the people in England go to be so relatively early so doesn’t want to visit. Ivan carried the bucket of water to top up the “mate” and today he is adding cold juice so we are happy to partake in the ritual passing around as this dilutes the taste. He has now started calling us his “grandparents” and seems quite attached. In the city centre we wander around the main square. When we get back we hop in the pool for ½ hour to cool down, a bit weird at 2am but necessary.


SATURDAY 6 FEBRUARY – We get up around 6am for another cool down. Walter and Ivan do not surface until after 10am. They enjoy looking at some of our photos, first picking the animals they want to see then countries. At the end of it Ivan tells Walter he now wants to visit England, but not because of the pictures of the country but because he fancies our granddaughter Natasha! Steve is happy to watch TV with Liverpool beating Everton. We head down to the city to buy our onward bus tickets. Walter calls in to the supermarket on the way home and picks up a couple of hot roast chickens for dinner for which we are joined by his 15 year old sister Angels. After eating she learns to play “golf” with Ivan and me. Late afternoon more of Walters family arrive, his 6-year old daughter Miracles plus his brother Danny with his 5 children. The eldest one Tamara is very interested in our photographs and knows a lot about geography and geology. It is still really hot so we sit out on the street which is the coolest place around but still enough to make you leak! In the evening Walter drives us to the bus station. Our Crucero Del Sur bus, A$148 (£25) is a little late. The time passes quickly with a movie in English. Just before midnight over half the passengers get off in Corrientes. After this our meal is served, hot chicken in sauce with chips – the perfect midnight feast to try to go to sleep on – not. At least we can now spread out with 2 seats each.


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