Monday, 25 January 2010

LIFESTYLE - Good luck

Trivia question - What is the only man made feature visible from the moon?

It is nice when good luck rubs off.

Whilst many people consider themselves either lucky or unlucky we consider a lot is what you make of it.  Our glass is always half full!  When we were mugged we felt we were lucky that Steve did not have worse injuries and set out to learn from the experience, others would simply have said how unlucky they were.

When backpacking across Borneo we stayed with a hospitality club host.  He was a friendly Chinese man and took time off work to show us around during our 4 day stay putting other things on hold.  Many times he commented on what lucky people we were.

After we left he sent us a text message - you have left something behind.

Followed by a second message - your good luck. Today I went to the store to buy my new kitchen appliance, I was the 1 millionth customer and won a whole new kitchen of appliances.

Trivia answer - The great wall of China

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