Tuesday, 26 January 2010

GENERAL TRAVEL - How to make a baby, step by step picture guide

Trivia question - How many North American states border the Pacific Ocean?

Melt a plastic mixture and add a little candy perfume to make it smell nice.

Pour into a mould then cook in a hot oven for 7 minutes

Fill the limbs with left over plastic to add weight

Add a little stuffing

Check the weight

Then add the head????

A touch of dressing

Place on a serving dish

Deliver the baby

Tour courtesy of Paulo of Cotiplas, Laranjal Paulista - the doll making capital of Brazil.

Call in to the tourist office to ask if there are any factory tours on offer, these are usually free, generally very interesting and may have give out a few freebies or have a second shop.  We have yet to do the Ferarri factory tour to check out the freebie situation!.

Trivia answer - 5, Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California

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Cassiano Falc√£o said...

The pic sequence is great. It gives a very good idea how the factory works.