Sunday, 24 January 2010

CRUISE - Ports of call

Trivia question - What is the longest river in Australia?  Answer at end of blog


Rather than do an organised tour how about contacting a Hospitality Host to arrange to meet ashore for a personal tour and insight into the area.

Try to gather your own information on the things to do at the ports of call, many ships have travel guide books that can help with this.

Attend the shore excursion lectures as they often offer tips for independant travellers and give out maps.

Booking a private tour through companies such as Viator can be much cheaper than the cruise tour.

Getting together with another couple and either renting a car or sharing a taxi can be a good way to see the sights.

In most ports there will be people waiting at the dock to offer you coach tours with English speaking guides, again usually much cheaper than the ships tour.

WARNING Unless you book an excursion through the ship you do take the risk of not being back in time and missing the boat but if you plan carefully and aim to arrive back earlier than needed you should be OK.

Also if you don't manage to make the port of call you may lose your money on a privately booked tour whereas a ships excursion will be refunded.

Trivia answer - The Darling River

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