Tuesday, 19 January 2010

CRUISE - GET MORE out of your cruise.

Trivia question - Where in the world is the highest ski lift in the world?

Here are some suggestions to helpyou to get more out of your cruise.

Arrive on board as early as possible to start enjoying the on board food, often you can board ealier than the promoted time.

As soon as you get on board take the spa tour as they often give out freebies or have raffles, (as most people are still getting settled in the odds of you winning a prize are quite high, we have won a full body wrap on an RCI cruise).

On many ships it is free to use the sauna but few people do.

You should get a daily programme and we find it helps to highlight the things we are interested in and make a selection if they clash.  Often we will go our seperate ways to follow different interests.

If you are brave enough volunteer for the ships shows, for example everyone on the "Marriage game" show gets a bottle of champagne but men, make sure you know your wife's bra size first!

This picture shows the "Make that bed" game.

If there is a computer class on board this can be a way to blog or post photos for free.

Turn up for on board raffles with free tickets for example jewellery, casino, shops.

Check out the on board fun games, a great way to meet people and often there are so few attending that you have a high chance of winning a prize.  I can testify to this because I am hopeless at sport but managed to win a few prizes!

The on board art auctions usually offer free champagne.

Check out the free samples at the duty free shops.

Attend the trivia quizes, another great way to meet people, have a good laugh and maybe win a coveted key ring or luggage tag!

Trivia answer - Bolivia


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