Thursday, 21 January 2010

BRAZIL Carnaval and Samba

Trivia question - What is the 3rd largest metropolis in the world?

 Being in Brazil during carnaval is a big thing, although Rio de Janiero is the most famous Salvador is gaining popularity as it is aimed at the local people with more of a street parade and Olinda is also popular.  However almost all the big cities have some sort of festival.

Our travel plan meant that we would not be in Brazil during carnaval but that did not  prevent us from getting a taster.

During January and early February there are many rehearsals that you can attend.  We tried to go to one in Rio but arrived too late, parking was impossible and the main stands were all full up so if you want to go to that one you need to arrive very early.

In Sao Paulo we were invited to a samba rehearsal.

Admission to the rehearsal was R15.  The hall was crowded and soon the band began the slow build up.  The 6 main characters paraded through and did a bit of a dance.  We were taught the main moves and give a song sheet.

Then with the band booming out the theme we began a procession about 4 people wide around the room then out down the outdoor entry area and back into the hall.  Not once, not twice but about 50 times.  Even without knowledge of Portuguese I was beginning to sing some of the tune by the end.  Unfortunately or was it luckily we got a heavy downpour so many people (including us) decided to leave early whilst others carried on dancing in the rain.

It was great entertainment to see the costumes and feel the rhythm. 

Trivia answer - San Paulo

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