Saturday, 1 February 2014

MOTORHOME& MONEY SAVING - Why travel in a motorhome?

Without a doubt we find that travelling in a motorhome is our cheapest and means we can maintain the comfort (and cleanliness) level we enjoy.  Your motorhome is your accommodation, restaurant and public transport.  Compare this to paying for rooms, food and transport and we have found it is usually even cheaper than backpacking in third world countries.

Pros - You don’t have to search for accommodation and check out the room, you always have your own bed, you know the bathroom is clean, no more packing and unpacking, you can eat what and whenever you want and you can stop in many places where there is no accommodation. You always have everything with you when travelling in a motorhome so can make spontaneous decisions. If you find a nice beach you have your swimwear to hand, if you spot some wildlife your binoculars are available, if you find a really nice parking spot you may be able to stay overnight.  Basically the only thing you have to do is find a place to be parked up each night.

We belive that a motorhome has money saving advantages over a 5th wheel or caravan –

In many countries there are special places for fully self contained motorhomes to stay for free but not for other types of RV.

People often point out that with a 5th wheel or caravan you can go off touring with the main vehicle but to do that you would need a safe place to leave the caravan and often that would involve paying for campsite fees. Also any journey that you did would involve double the cost of fuel to enable you to return to base.

If you need to travel by ferry or have to pay road tolls they will be more expensive if you are towing.

In some countries there is a separate tax to be paid for each vehicle and you may also end up having more tyres to replace.

TIPS to make your money go further when we are travelling in a motorhome –

Keep your speed down around 50mph for better fuel economy
Try to find free camping (also known as wild camping or boondocking) - seperate blog on the subject later

Stock up at local markets or roadside stalls and keep a good stock of groceries on board so you don't have to pay high prices in small stores for everyday goods

Buy special offer items at supermarkets and freeze any discounted meat

Read up which day museums are free to visit and ask if you can stay on the car park overnight

Fit a solar panel and inverter in order to avoid paying for electricity

Run a fan through the inverter rather than the air conditioner
Use a solar shower bag to create free hot water

Check out thrift (charity) shops

Use the Internet for price comparisons on many items including fuel

Pick up free wi-fi wherever you can or check out the free computer use at libraries

Plan your journey to travel the most direct route taking in sights on the way

Putting toilet paper in a waste bin rather than in the toilet has 3 benifits -
You won't have to buy the special paper which is more expensive
Your toilet will not fill up so quickly
You will need less chemical

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